All about ROPANDA

Gabon, a West African country, known for okla reactors , oil production, magnesium deposits has been hitting the headlines since it has got its first female prime minister-Rose Christiane Ropanda.

Ropanda, 55 -56 years old ,born in 1954 in Libreville completed her education in economics and finance from Gabon Institute Of Economics and Finance.

She was earlier serving as the defense minister of Gabon from February 2019. ON 16th July 2020, the president of Gabon appointed her as 12th prime minister and first female prime minister. She has got major responsibilities on her shoulders due to Corona pandemic and fall of prices in oil-one of the main sources of economy.

She is also the first woman to acquire the position of mayor of Libreville, representing her political party -Gabon Democratic Party since 1956 on 26 January 2014 and served till 2019.

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