Dilemma of local sellers in festivals

Raksha bandhan is an Indian festival, celebrated all over India,to symbolize the love of brother and sister .The sister ties a decorated thread known as rakhi ,on the wrist of her brother .Price of Rakhis range from Rs.5 to Rs.1000 or more and can be in thousands depending on the material -gold, silver.

Prior to the day of celebration, markets are flooded with local sellers selling rakhis on their carts, also including shops.

Online rakhi shopping is also prevalent but people do enjoy going, inspecting themselves and buying rakhis.

According to one report of indianretailer.com of 2019 , market traders estimated the sales of rakhis could cross five crores but this year, CONDITIONS are not same. The situations have turned upside down, all credit goes to Covid -19 pandemic .

Amidst Corona pandemic and lockdown extended in states like Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, it is likely to hit a blow to local sellers., shopkeepers since Raksha Bandhan is on 3rd August unlike online shopping. This year is more disdainful for poors.

  1. What do you think HOW CAN WE TACKLE THIS?

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