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Yuzi got engaged!!

Yuzvendra Singh Chahal (Yuzi), 30 year old Indian cricketer and team member of Royal Challengers Bangalore took everyone by surprise on yesterday, 08th August by declaring his engagement with his friend,Dhanshree Verma. Dhanshree Verma is one of the popular creators of YouTube, having more than 1.5 million subscribers and has a rich fan following onContinue reading “Yuzi got engaged!!”

All about ROPANDA

Gabon, a West African country, known for okla reactors , oil production, magnesium deposits has been hitting the headlines since it has got its first female prime minister-Rose Christiane Ropanda. Ropanda, 55 -56 years old ,born in 1954 in Libreville completed her education in economics and finance from Gabon Institute Of Economics and Finance. SheContinue reading “All about ROPANDA”

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